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How to Get School Bus Conversion Insurance


One of the most asked question in the Skoolie community is, "How do I get school bus conversion insurance?  Next comes, "What is needed to get school bus conversion insurance? When the bus is converted, what companies will insure the bus?" Then comes the dreaded question that no one really wants to hear the [...]

Wanna Peek Into My Inbox? Top 5 Answers to the Most Asked Bus Questions


Oh, bus life and travel! Sounds fun exciting and full of adventure doesn't it? It is! But this lifestyle also comes with many bus questions. When people email me asking these questions, I can hear the overwhelm, frustrations and even some people admit that their questions are keeping them up at night. It doesn't [...]

What Do We Love About the Bus Life?


Loving the bus life came natural for Jeff. From the moment I met Jeff, he has always lived minimally. When we met, he lived in a one bedroom one bath house with heat from a fireplace and no AC. It was clean and cozy. The furnishing were few and the decor minimal. So, it [...]

What Is A Javelina?


One of the things that I love about living in a Skoolie is all the different places we get to visit. One such place that all of us enjoyed was Fort Davis State Park. Part of the reason this park was fun was because of the wildlife. I'm telling you I would have NEVER [...]

Could You Live in a Ghost Town?


Could you live in a ghost town in your converted school bus? Why yes we could! We have been living in our bus since August of 2009. One of the things I love about living in our bus is getting to visit different places. One month, our backyard can be my sister's front yard. [...]

Converting and Living in a Skoolie – Meet a Skoolie Family


Quickly scrolling through a Skoolie group one day, I paused on a post about lady and her husband needing a wood stove installed in their bus. I emailed her to see if we could help. Lo and behold, she only lived 3 hours from us. She and her husband were living in a Skoolie [...]

Your Complete Guide to Decoding Skoolie Lingo


When Jeff and I first started learning about school bus conversions, we had no idea we were going to learn a new language. We had to quickly search for many words that we didn't know. Skoolie lingo was unfamiliar to us. What? Don't you know what a "Skoolie" is? School bus conversion owners toss [...]

Do You Have a Questions About the Step by Step Conversion Course?


Since launching the Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion course, I have enjoyed getting to know several of you through email. You have emailed me your questions about converting a school bus and the Step-by-Step School Bus Conversion course. Let me start by saying thanks so much for emailing! Before I started blogging, I really didn't think bloggers [...]

The Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion Course


Have you searched the internet far and wide for a start to finish guide on converting a school bus? Perhaps you've googled away trying to find a step-by-step tutorial for school bus conversion. Either way, you've finally found what you've been looking for. I'm pleased to introduce to you THE go-to guide for completing [...]

What To Do When You Hit a Skoolie Roadblock


So Y'all,  I have been thinking more and more about the posts that I am seeing where people are selling their partially converted buses. Why do you think people hit Skoolie conversion roadblocks?  After much thought, I realize that maybe they haven't made one of the 3 common school bus conversion mistakes but rather that they might [...]