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The Step-By-Step School Bus Conversion Course


Have you searched the internet far and wide for a start to finish guide on converting a school bus? Perhaps you've googled away trying to find a step-by-step tutorial for school bus conversion. Either way, you've finally found what you've been looking for. I'm pleased to introduce to you THE go-to guide for completing [...]

What To Do When You Hit a Skoolie Roadblock


So Y'all,  I have been thinking more and more about the posts that I am seeing where people are selling their partially converted buses. Why do you think people hit Skoolie conversion roadblocks?  After much thought, I realize that maybe they haven't made one of the 3 common school bus conversion mistakes but rather that they might [...]

3 Mistakes People are Making When Converting a Bus


Lately, I have been noticing that several people are selling their Skoolies. Most of these school buses are partially converted. It really got me to thinking, WHY? Which caused me to examine our own experience converting and living in a converted school bus. I came to realize that there are three school bus conversion [...]

When You Lose the Farm, Buy a Bus


You might be thinking what does losing a farm have to do with buying a bus. Well, our Skoolie story started back in 2009. You can read about How Our Skoolie Dream Came to Life in this post.  But that is not all of our Skoolie story. Our Skoolie story revived when we lost our farm. [...]

Buying a Bus? 5 Important Things to Inspect


Today's the day your dreaming, planning, and saving starts to become a reality. It's buying a bus day! Are you nervous? Have you been searching the internet, looking at auctions, and now are ready to go buy your bus? It doesn't matter if I am buying a bus for us or for a client, [...]

What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy A School Bus?


What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy a School Bus So, you have decided to buy a school bus to convert into a home on wheels. AWESOME! (If you are still wondering if a school bus is right for you, check out this post on "5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying [...]

How to Make Your Own Skoolie Floor Plan


Are you anything like me and as soon as you get your school bus home, you can't wait to design the floor plan? Coming up with your Skoolie floor plan does not have to be a daunting task. Follow these steps to design your Skoolie floor plan within a few hours.   Before Designing [...]

Here are the Top 10 Tools Needed to Convert a School Bus


Here are the Top 10 Tools Needed to Convert a School Bus into a Home on Wheels From time to time we get asked "What are the tools needed to convert a school bus into a home on wheels?" Jeff quickly names off a few and I can see the person's head spin trying [...]

5 Tips to Get your Skoolie Dream on the Reality Road


Five Tips to Get Your Skoolie Dream on the Reality Road Do you have the Skoolie Dream? If you missed how our dream got started, you can read about it here. Are you ready to live in a converted school bus? In order to live in a converted school bus, you must have a deep desire. [...]

How Our Skoolie Dream Came to Life


Is Your Dream to Live in a Converted School Bus? Are you ready to hop aboard and travel the country but you just don't know where to start? We had the dream to live in a converted school bus 7 years ago. For us, it wasn't like a lifetime dream. It was the kinda [...]