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Skoolie in a Private Campground?

Often in my inbox,  people ask if we have ever been turned away from a campground due to our bus. They want to know, “Is it hard to find a campground that will accept a converted school bus?” Skoolie in a private campground, can it happen? Are school bus conversions allowed in a private campground? Let me tell you, [...]

Why Not to Trust a Bubble Level in a School Bus Conversion

Do you know the one tool that most carpenters depend on when building a house? Why yes! It is the Spirit Level or bubble level as I know it. This tool has proven itself trustworthy in build after build. By grabbing a bubble level and placing in on a board, in a second the carpenter can clearly see if [...]

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How to Get School Bus Conversion Insurance

One of the most asked question in the Skoolie community is, "How do I get school bus conversion insurance?  Next comes, "What is needed to get school bus conversion insurance? When the bus is converted, what companies will insure the bus?" Then comes the dreaded question that no one really wants to hear the answer to, "How much does [...]

Wanna Peek Into My Inbox? Top 5 Answers to the Most Asked Bus Questions

Oh, bus life and travel! Sounds fun exciting and full of adventure doesn't it? It is! But this lifestyle also comes with many bus questions. When people email me asking these questions, I can hear the overwhelm, frustrations and even some people admit that their questions are keeping them up at night. It doesn't have to be this way! [...]

What Do We Love About the Bus Life?

Loving the bus life came natural for Jeff. From the moment I met Jeff, he has always lived minimally. When we met, he lived in a one bedroom one bath house with heat from a fireplace and no AC. It was clean and cozy. The furnishing were few and the decor minimal. So, it is no wonder that he [...]