Disney Countdown Periscopes

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Our Daughter, Katie, is a Make A Wish Kid.

Below you will find the Periscopes that we are doing as we countdown the days to her Make A Wish Trip.

(Because I decided that I didn’t want to slow down the time it takes for my blog to load, I am putting a link to our YouTube Page. The YouTube Page contains all the Periscopes.

Click here to watch all the Periscopes on Katie’s Make A Wish Disney Countdown.

This Periscope introduces Katie and explains why we are having a Disney World Countdown.

This is the first video of our Disney Countdown.

Day 56 of Katie’s Make A Wish Countdown to Disney World Trip.

55 more days until we go to Disney World. Today’s activity has us downloading a Disney World countdown app.

What is the ride you want to ride most in Disney World? Today, the kids get to tell what they want to ride. We have 54 more days!

Katie is not feeling well. We are having our countdown in her room today. Instead of the movie listed on the Mickey head, the kids decided to watch Wendy Wu – Warrior Princess while we ate Chinese food.

On Day 52, our activity was “It’s Pirate Day”. We got to dress like pirates, talk like pirates and ate a pirate dinner. Our dinner was Pirate Pancakes, Walk-the-Plank Bacon, Parrot Poop Eggs (the kids came up with this) and Rootbeer.

We are keeping it REAL on Day 51 of our Countdown to Disney World for Katie’s Make A Wish Trip. Today, we are eating a Bug Dinner and watching A Bugs Life. The menu is Caterpillar Carrots, Ants on a Log, Bug Bread, Bed of Grass, Grasshopper Wings, Gummy Worms, and Bug Blood Juice (the kids idea).

Tonight we are watching Winnie the Pooh and eating biscuits with honey.

49 Days till Katie goes on her Make A Wish Trip to Disney World. Tonight, we are watching videos on Give Kids The World. GKTW is the place that Make A Wish families get to stay while visiting Disney World.

Tonight, we are bouncing like Tigger.

Day 47 on Katie’s Make A Wish Countdown to Disney is watch Little Nemo and eat a seafood dinner.

Tonight, we are having a Cars and Planes birthday party for Andrew. 46 more days until we leave for Disney World.

On Day 45, the children got a Disney surprise from their Nanny Doris.

Today is Day 44 in Katie’s Disney Countdown. We are practicing our Lion roar, watching Lion King, and eating Zebra Cakes.

We have 42 days until Katie’s Make A Wish Disney Trip. On today’s scope, I wanted to talk about where we will be staying while in Florida for the week. Watch the Periscope to find out about Give Kids The World

Day 40, has is all about watching Lady and the Tramp and eating like dogs. Watch this scope to see the kids reactions. It may not be what you think.

Tonight, we are watching Princess and the Frog while eating New Orleans Style. Also, in this scope you will learn about one of the diseases that Katie is dealing with currently. Pyoderma Gangrenosum is a rare disease that effects Katie’s legs.

On Day 33, we are watching Monster’s University and making Monster Pizzas. Watch this scope to see how to make your own Monster Pizza.