Our Skoolie Dream Came True

Is Your Dream to Live in a Converted School Bus?

Are you ready to hop aboard and travel the country but you just don’t know where to start? We had the dream to live in a converted school bus 7 years ago. For us, it wasn’t like a lifetime dream. It was the kinda dream that just landed in our  Jeff’s mind.

The Beginning

Let me tell you how it started for us.

Our dream, to live in a converted school bus, happened out of necessity. We received our last 4 children in February and summer was approaching. Every year in May, we take an annual beach vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. I got on the phone, called our favorite hotel and was told, “Ma’am, your party is too large for one room. Would you like to reserve two rooms that adjoin?” Heck NO! was my response.

I was not paying for 2 vacations!

So, as Jeff and I sat outside thinking about what to do, Jeff, ever so calmly said, “Why don’t we get a school bus and I will convert it into a motor home? You know like the one I saw at the race.” I laughed. The next day, my fingers were busy on the computer searching for RV rentals. When that price tag was out of our budget, I searched for cabins near the beach.


Once again as we sat outside talking about NOT being able to go to the beach, Jeff mentioned his idea of converting a school bus. This time instead of laughing, I realized that he was right. Why not? Just as I agreed with Jeff a shooting star flew across the sky straight in front of me.

Coincidence? I think not!

A dream had begun!

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That’s just the beginning!

The following weekend it was Mother’s Day. As we enjoyed a picnic lunch outside with some friends, Dan mentioned that his church was selling their school bus and we should get it just to haul around all of our kids. (Of course, he was joking.) At that moment, Jeff and I both burst out laughing and told them of the dream and plan we Jeff had of converting a school bus. By the end of that week, we were the proud owners of a Blue Bird International School Bus. If you are interested in checking out that bus, click here.

The Dream Evolved

Somewhere between plumbing the bus and the walls going up, Jeff and I decided why not travel the country and tell others about our love for Christ and how HE had put our family together. As we prayed, a ministry was born. We would stay in state parks and meet the needs of the people that God placed before us everyday.

For almost two years, we lived in our converted school bus and traveled the country helping people, sharing our love for Christ with them, and growing closer as a family. When you live in 235 square feet with 9 people, bonding is bound to happen!

Well, that’s enough about our dream coming true. If you want to know know more check out this video.

So, how did we go from a house in the suburbs to living on a bus?

Over the next few weeks, I will give you a glimpse into how we followed a plan that took us from the suburbs to our bus.

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