In June 2015, Katie was referred to Make A Wish

This year, Katie was referred to Make A Wish by her Nana Nancy.  When Katie was accepted by Make A Wish, Jeff and I had to come up with a wish for Katie because Katie was not able to verbalize her wish. We decided that if Katie could wish for something it would be to take her family to Disney World. Make A Wish agreed and Katie will be going to Disney World in 2016! For her birthday this year, we had to have a Disney Princess Party because every girl deserves to be a Princess for a day!


Every Girl Deserves to be a Princess for a Day

How to you celebrate birthdays in your house?

I used to be one of those Mama’s that made her child’s birthday cake every year, and had her a party for all of her friends. Six kids later, I do good if the child get the “Special Day” plate, a present, and a cake. Oh, don’t fret yourself. Our kids will get at least 2 parties before they move out.

This year was Katie’s year for a party. She turned 13 during the summer but was sick for about 2 months. Therefore, I just choose a day in September and decided that we would celebrate her birthday.

I wanted Katie to have a Disney Princess Party because every girl deserves to be a princess for a day. Because of all Katie has been through, ONE princess was not good enough for our girl. Her party was going to have several. My thought was to designate one Disney Princess to each birthday activity.

Here are the princesses I used with the activity.

Princess Activities

* Aurora’s Nails. When the girls arrived they could choose a color and get their nails painted.

*Anna’s Photo Booth – Each child got their picture taken and I am sending them a copy.

*Snow White’s Games – These were located outside and the boys enjoyed these first.


Rapunzel's Salon

*Repunzel’s Salon – Every girl received a Repunzel braid in their hair.


Ariel's Seashells

*Ariel’s Seashells – every prince and princess was allowed to paint some sea shells to take home.

Snow White's Games

*Snow White’s Games consisted of a Wishing Well where the kids threw coins in the bucket. Also, we just put bubbles under the Bashful’s Bubbles sign for the kids to play whenever they wanted.


Elsa's Beverages


*Elsa’s Beverages – All the guest could choose a water bottle and/or Fruit Drink during the party. Here is the website where I found the water bottle labels. The Glacier Juice – was found at Like Mom and Apple When I logged on and clicked download it stated that the website was marked UNSAFE. I went head and downloaded and everything was fine for me. Proceed at your own risk.

 Cinderella Food
Each of the blue crowns on the wall have a wish to Katie from the guests at the party.
Cinderella Banquet


Cinderella Food


*Cinderella’s Banquet – the food all reseambled something for the movie. Here is where I found the ideas for Bowtie Napkins. Check out bowtie napkin fold.

Here is the Princess Party Invitation I used. Melissa wrote in all the details and included a note that the guests could dress-up as a prince or princess.


Check out these photos of Katie’s Disney Princess Party:

Prince and Princess Party



Katie blowing out candles

One of the highlights of the party, was Katie blowing out her candles. Every time Jeff started lighting the candles, Katie would blow them out. After the second time, Jeff moved the cake, lit the candles and we all started singing “Happy Birthday” before the cake was in front of Katie. As soon as, the cake was in front of her the candles were blown out.

The most memorable moment was when we gave Katie a smash cake.

A smash cake you might ask?

Yes, you see one of the difficult things as an adoptive parent of older children is the fact that we miss out on all the “firsts”. You know, the first word, the first step, the first laugh, or the first lost tooth. To my knowledge and Melissa’s, Katie has never had a smash cake. Well, we all got to see her first smash cake today and let me tell you she enjoyed every bite. It brought tears to my eyes watching my daughter who is on a feeding pump most of the time enjoy her first smash cake, lick her fingers and pick up a fork and eat. Katie might not remember this moment after the next seizure, but her family will never forget the look on her face!


Cinderella Carriage and Cake

Here is the link to the DIY Cinderella Carriage.

In addition to eating cake, Katie enjoyed a Cinderella lunch, and Elsa Beverage.

After cake, presents, and games Katie was not the only one ready for a nap. Thankfully, Katie didn’t have any abdominal issues during the following 24 hours.

This is one day, I wouldn’t mind reliving over and over. It is days like this that I want forever imprinted on my mind and on the minds of everyone who loves our sweet Katie.

If you have a little girl and she hasn’t been a princess for a day, throw her this party and I am sure you will get plenty of hugs, smiles, and memories to last a lifetime.

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