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Are you dreaming of converting a school bus into a tiny home? Do you want to downsize and live in a tiny home on wheels? Overwhelmed at where to begin?

Here you will find clear direction to get you from dreaming to living an adventurous lifestyle.

So, where are you on YOUR burbs to bus roadmap?

Start here if  you are at the Dreaming and Planning Stop!

Signs that you’re stopped here are: Just imagining what it would be like to live the bus life. Getting your finances ready to take the leap. Considering what you want your life on the road to look like.

Start here if  you want to see the destinations we’ve visited!

Get an inside look at how our family makes the most of each stop on our roadmap!

OR…. Start here if  you would like to join a community of women traveling the Burbs to Bus road!

For ladies only! Get connected, ask questions, share struggles, and find support in this group of women invested in the bus life.

Have you already Dreamed, Planned, and Connected? Are you ready to get this bus conversion started? We can help!


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