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             Take a Tour on Our Converted School Bus

If you see us driving beside you, wave as you go by. One of the children will surely wave back!!

Here comes the Discovering US Bus!! Ready to hit the road. Ready to see what God has in store for us and see the wonderful USA.

This is the drivers area. This is the only area that Jeff has not worked on. He said that he wanted everyone else to be comfortable first then he would get to his area. Hopefully, by the end of they year he can have a comfortable seat.

This is a view from the front of the bus looking back toward the bunk area.

This is Jeff’s bed. Under Jeff’s bed, we have our linen closet and some extra food storage. Under my bed, is extra homeschooling books that would not fit on the shelf and more extra food storage. When we are traveling from one place to the other, our beds become the couch. Joshua and Hannah’s car seats strap to the beds and off we go.

This is my bed. I sleep on the right side of the bus. Above my bed is our bookcase. I just could not leave these at our “stick” house. All the curtains in the bus were made by my Mom. She also custom fit all the comforters for each bed. Thanks to Mom we all sleep better and have privacy.

Here is the kitchen. Jeff still has to put the cabinet doors on all the above storage areas. For the moment, I am find just looking at the stuff. It looks a little cluttered but trust me it is organized and everything is used. Below the microwave is a four drawer storage unit. It holds our silverware (plastic), kitchen utensils, kitchen towels, and extra spices. On the back wall, Jeff made us a spice rack and vitamin rack. He is so creative. We have been living on the bus for almost 3 months, and so far, I have not found an item that we are missing. Our bus kitchen holds everything we need to care for a family of nine. This is truly a blessing.

This photo shows the right side of the kitchen. Our bathroom is located on this side just behind the bunk area door. Above the refrigerator is a shelf where we keep items that children do not need to reach, such as extra medicine, batteries, sewing and fingernail boxes. I am constantly amazed at the storage we have on the bus.

This need no explanation. However, I will say that above the toilet we have two selves that hold our bathroom supplies.

This closet is in the bathroom. It is where Jeff and I keep our clothes along with some church dresses for the girls.

This is one of our homeschooling walls. Here is where we put our maps and calendar. We also have a timeline on the ceiling above Melissa’s bed.

This view is from the kitchen looking into the bunk area. Jacob and Hannah sleep on the left. Andrew and Joshua on the right. The red curtain divides the girl area from the boys. (Hannah sleeps in the boy area but changes clothes in the girl area.

This is Andrew’s bed. Hannah’s bed is across from Andrew’s under Jacob’s. Under the bottom bunks is where the children store their good shoes, and toys. The drawer hanging down from the top bed (Joshua’s) is where Joshua stores his clothes. Jacob has one under his bed and Andrew has one under Melissa’s bed. This was Jeff’s ingenious idea.!!

This bed is Jacob’s. He and Joshua have top bunks with rails. On each bunk bed there is a hook for the children to hang their jackets.

Sierra’s bunk area is on the left. Above her bed is her closet, dresser, and desk. She has the most stuff of any one person on the bus. TEENAGERS AND THEIR STUFF! She stores her clothes bag under her bed. The white chest stores clothes for Hannah, Katie, and Melissa. To the right on the bottom is Katie’s bed. Above Katie’s bed is where Melissa sleeps. The little box on the back wall above Melissa’s bed is where she keeps her personal items. Each child has one on their bunk area. This is a great place for eye glasses, MP3 player, and small toys.

At the bottom of Melissa’s bed is a book rack. This stores the children free reading books. Also, Melissa has room for her art back pack at the bottom of her bed.
This is the back storage area. It stores out of season clothes, extra shoes, school notebooks and anything else that I can fit in the area. Every girl has to have a makeup mirror, this one belongs to Sierra and I.
This is our laundry drop. We drop the dirty clothes in and a basket below. Jeff removes the basket on laundry day and off we go. No dirty clothes to smell while we are on the bus.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of our “cabin on wheels”. Here is a TWEET if you would like to share this post. Thanks!

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