Yesterday, Sierra and I were in the bathhouse taking a shower. All of a sudden, I heard Sierra scream from the stall next to mine. She kept screaming, “There is a frog in my bag.”

“There IS a FROG in my bag!”

Then, she yelled, “He is in my shower! He is watching me!”

I was laughing so hard that I barely heard her say, “I can’t close my eyes because he may jump on me!”

I told Sierra that it was probably a harmless tree frog just take a shower. Every few minutes, a squeal from Sierra’s stall would blast through the bathhouse. I think, she was scaring the poor frog.

As we left the bathhouse, Sierra picked up the frog. She said that she was bringing it back to the bus for everyone to see.
I figured – Why not bring him home to meet the family – they had already showered together!!

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When you have used the bathhouse showers, have you ever had an unwanted shower guest? Please tell us your story in the comments below. We would love to hear them.