4 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

4 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress One Bite at a Time

Before I share 4 ways to beat holiday stress, I have to tell you why I am writing this post.  Bear with me, my story is not long.

Last week, I was on a Mastermind call with Daniela at Have Your Cupcake and some other ladies. (Side note: If you are just starting a blog this is a great group to join. I would be happy to give you more information if you want to know more, just give me a shout out through one of our social sites.)

Alright, now back to what I was saying, when it was my turn to talk I made the statement that I felt like someone had just given me my Thanksgiving plate and asked me to eat it all in 5 minutes. You see, I have been quite overwhelmed with improving my blog, the approaching holidays, getting our bus ready, in addition to all my Mom responsibilities. When the Mastermind call was over, I wrote a Facebook message to the ladies in the group thanking them for their encouragement and advice. This is when Robin Follette at Living My Authentic Life On the Homestead  commented back, “Remember – the best way to eat a pizza is one bite at a time.”

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These simple words through an analogy transformed my week.

Well, this is what Robin’s comment did to me.  I thought about her words during my Thanksgiving week. Every time I started to feel stressed or overwhelmed because my kids where wanting me to make a certain dish, I wanted to write another blog post, and when one child wanted me to put the tree up, Robin’s comment came to mind. I would visualize me picking up my fork and taking one bite. My prayer this week has been, “God show me which bite to take first.” Life has been good this week and I have gotten many things accomplished with little stress. I have even had time to reflect on ways I could make my Christmas holiday less stressful one bite at a time.

Because of Robin’s comment I have come up with a plan to beat holiday stress one bite at a time. You can join me right after you read the post below.

Here are 4 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress one bite at a time.

(If you are not traveling during the holidays, skip to #2.)

1. Make your Reservations

If you are traveling during the holidays or you are a Full-time traveler, you will reduce your stress if you can find a place to park your rig for the month of December. Some parks only let you park for 14 days at a time. Some campgrounds will let you just move sites or even stay longer if they are not busy. Make December through January 2nd accommodations by November 1st. Write contact information, reservation numbers, and site information on your calendar.

2. Make a Plan

Write down 3 thing that must get done before Christmas. These things could be family traditions that must get done or practical things that only you can take care of. My list is finish shopping, put up Christmas decorations including the tree and make one Christmas dessert each week. What would be your 3 must-do things? Leave them in the comments below. I would love to see your list.

Write down 3 things that you want to do this Christmas.  This could be make cookies with the kids, go see a light display, or send out Christmas cards. This is the area that I have so much trouble narrowing down. I am a all-or-nothing type a gal. I am going to have to think about this to get it down to three things. One tip I have when deciding what 3 things you want to do this Christmas is be REALISTIC NOT OPTOMISTIC.

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Write down 3 things that you can accomplish to bring joy to someone else. Several things we have done in the past are taking cards to a nursing home, filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, or being secret Santa for a family in need. I would love to hear some more ideas. Please fill up the comment section below with your ideas.

3. Write down your ideas on a calendar.

Get a December calendar. If you want a cute calendar checkout this one from my friend Amanda . Think about… your work schedule, what the kids have going on and commitments that you already have planned for the month. (The commitments should be in you must-do list.) Write down your 3 must-dos, your 3 want-to-dos, and your 3 to-dos for others on a day in December. See if you can accomplish 2 things in one day like putting up your tree and making cookies the same day. Heck, you could even take cookies to a widow and this would put three things in one day. Get the idea? Put these in your calendar on your phone and set your reminders. Look at your list and make a itemized list of things you will need to buy or things you will need to prepare ahead of time to accomplish your list. Schedule one shopping day on your calendar and one planning day. Put these in your phone. Now, you are ready to start taking one bite at a time.

4. Keep your expectations small.

This time of year, TV and social media is filled with things we can buy and ways to spend our holidays. Pinterest alone can make my expectations loom large. Do you get stressed this time of year because you want to keep all your traditions, make ornaments, and bake your co-workers delicious goodies. I do! I want to make it all, bake it all, and be the Mom that does it all. However, this idea sets me up for stress and failure. If I am making it all, baking it all, while being that Mom that is yelling or has the look of doom on her face, is it enjoyable for my loved ones? I think not!

What if we turn on some Christmas music, watch a Christmas movie, and decorate our attidudes with the Christmas spirit. We can beat holiday stress by keeping our expectations of others, and ourselves small. Our holidays will be less stressful and more enjoyable if we remember why we celebrate this season.

As you are planning your list, think about what makes you smile, take time for yourself, and enjoy the people around you. Stop – Breathe and Know that you do not have to do it all, buy it all, and be all to everyone. Let’s all try to make our Christmas spirit large instead of our expectations. Instead of stretching ourselves to thin,  let’s follow these 4 ways to beat the holiday stress as we take one bite at a time.

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If you would like to connect with us leave a comment below. I would love to see what ideas you have on things to do to serve others, or your fun ideas for kids this Christmas season.

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  1. Robin Follette December 3, 2015 at 8:42 pm - Reply

    Isn’t it a blessing when something so simple can make a big difference. I remind myself of this often – one bite at a time.

    My three things are time with Dad, Christmas cards, and putting up the tree. I mailed the cards today. We’ll get the tree this weekend. I need to get the plans with Dad nailed down.

    • discoveringus December 3, 2015 at 11:42 pm - Reply

      Yes, I agree Robin. Sometimes I get so busy I forget to stop and remind myself of the simple things. Your list sounds family focused. I love it!!

  2. Amanda Nel December 4, 2015 at 7:31 am - Reply

    Hi, thanks so much for including me in your post, I am so honoured. We are also leaving for the holidays tomorrow and I have so much to do…and here I land on your post, advocating one bite at a time…so appropriate!! Wisdom is definitely more precious than gold!

    • discoveringus December 4, 2015 at 3:53 pm - Reply

      Amanda, I hope you have a great time during the holidays. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. Jen Schneider December 5, 2015 at 5:38 pm - Reply

    Great post! This is the first year that we have all the Christmas shopping and decorating done early, but there are many other stressful areas in my life right now. This is good information to keep in mind! Hope you have a wonderful season of joy!

    • discoveringus December 6, 2015 at 12:28 am - Reply

      Jen, Woo-Hoo on getting shopping and decorating done early. Enjoy the season and hope you have lots of fun with your family.

  4. Monica Bruno December 11, 2015 at 12:51 pm - Reply

    What a great post, Missy! I love how Robin inspired you to take life on in small bites. I always struggle with buying gifts for everyone. I tell myself I’m going to get gifts throughout the year so I’m not scrambling two weeks before Christmas, but guess what? Here I am and I still haven’t bought even one Christmas gift! Yikes! So, I’m going to follow your lead and write it down and do a little at a time.

    • discoveringus December 11, 2015 at 1:09 pm - Reply

      Thanks so much! In the past, I have been the wait-to-the-last-minute gift buyer, too. This year the One Bite At A Time Method has truly helped. Hope it helps you too! Merry Christmas!

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