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This is the bus #2 the day we brought it home.

Most of the time when someone buys a school bus to convert into a RV or Tiny House, the bus seats are still in the bus. Removing the seats is the first things that has to be done in a school bus conversion.

The seats and bus heater has been removed. The floor has been prepped ready for flooring.

The sub floor is down and ready for the flooring.

Jacob is cutting the insulation for the walls.

Hannah is helping install the insulation.

There are 2 AC units on this bus, one has a heat strip.

Here are four bunk beds and we still have one more to finish.

Here are the cabinets that are above Katie’s bed.

Joshua watching and helping Jeff cut a template for the walls.

After the walls are put up, Jeff goes back and prepares them to get painted.

The walls in the master bedroom.

The windows that we are not going to use get insulated on the inside and outside then covered in sheet metal.

The RV door with screen is going on the bus.

Jeff painting the bus.

Bus #2 Painted

Jeff took out Katie’s hospital bed and built a closet. The buyer of the bus need a large closet.

We couldn’t find the right sink for this small bathroom. Therefore, Jeff made this sink out of a bucket.

This is a table for 2. Each bench has storage underneath. The table top was not finished per buyers request.

Bunk Area before the master bedroom area. On the left is a large closet and on the right is 2 beds. Under the bottom bunk is a storage area.

Here is the kitchen area on the left side of the bus. The counter top above the stove removes to access the stove-top. Right before the kitchen counter starts is a bench seat for one with storage underneath.

This couch is opposite the kitchen. The couch has storage underneath and cabinets above.

We want to get you on the road!

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