Because I knew we were going to be in the bus most of the day, I pulled out some browned hamburger meat from the freezer. (I try to keep some bite-size grilled chicken and browned hamburger meat for days like this. It is just too cold for Jeff to stand outside and cook.)

2lbs of ground round (browned and drained)
2 packs of taco seasoning
1 bag of Scoops chips
sour cream
grated cheese
Mexican cheese dip (we like to melt this and pour over our nachos)

Brown meat. Add seasoning – follow directions on pack.
Lay Scoops on plate – top with meat
Add grated cheese
add lettuce and tomato
add sour cream and cheese sauce.

I serve with Corn or sometimes I add refried beans to the nachos.

Everyone in our family likes these except for me. I will eat them but tacos, nachos are not my favorite. I use less meat and more veggies.

This recipe can be used with shredded chicken or beef. I browned the meat prior to freezing. After the meat thawed, I added the seasoning and cook in microwave.


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