Have you ever visited the Lincoln Home National Historic Site?

A few weeks ago, we visited the Lincoln Home National Historic Site for a few hours. One of our favorite things to do when we travel is visiting the National Parks in the area. The Lincoln Home National Historic Site is one of our favorite parks.
Games in 1800's
The children played with toys that were popular in the late 1800’s. Have you ever played Roll-a-Hoop or Marbles?
You can play with toys from the 1800's at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site.Click To Tweet

Touring Abraham Lincoln’s Home

Lincoln Home
Abraham Lincoln’s home for 17 years. This was the only home that Abe Lincoln ever owned.


The desk that Abraham Lincoln used while at home.
When the National Park Service acquired Mr. Lincoln’s home, they did a lot of reconstruction and repairs. One of the things that needed very little repair was this handrail.  This is the exact handrail that Abe Lincoln and his family used when they went upstairs. Can’t you just imagine the Lincoln boys sliding down this rail? Think about how many times Abe Lincoln after a tiresome day at the office had to pull himself up these stairs using this handrail. Whoa! And we touch that same rail!!
Lincoln Home
Abe and Mary Lincoln were not much on gardening. However, they did enjoy this apple tree. It still produces apples today. We were given permission by the park ranger to pick everyone an “Abe Lincoln” apple.
Apple Tree
After dinner the children ate the “Abe Lincoln” apples.
Everyone decided that the apples tasted like a mixture between a Granny Smith apple and a Honey Crisp apple. (Thanks for the apple tasting lesson last year, Mrs. Kara. They still remember the different apple tastes.)
Before leaving, the children worked on the Junior Ranger books and received their badges. This is their first badge this year.  They hope to receive 10 before Christmas. Road-schooling is much more fun than sitting in a desk reading about history from a  book. Look closely at Sierra’s face, you can tell this is not her favorite thing to do. She is just ready to get back to the bus!

A Few Miles Down the Road You Will Find…

Oak Ridge Cemetery
When we finished touring the Lincoln’s home and street, we headed a few miles down the road to the Oak Ridge Cemetery where President Lincoln is buried.
President Lincoln's Tomb
This is where President Lincoln’s body rest. According to the sign….
It is 10 feet below.
President Lincoln's Receiving Vault
The vault where President Lincoln was placed while the tomb above was being built.
This sign explains about the Receiving Vault.
We enjoyed touring President Lincoln’s home, grave site, and eating his apples. If you are in Springfield, Illinois take a few hours to visit this interesting and fun-filled National Historic Site.
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