Design a skoolie floorplan

Are you anything like me and as soon as you get your school bus home, you can’t wait to design the floor plan? Coming up with your Skoolie floor plan does not have to be a daunting task. Follow these steps to design your Skoolie floor plan within a few hours.

Before Designing Your Skoolie Floor Plan…

Make sure you have removed your bus seats.

Check out this post for a Beginners Guide to Converting Your School Bus

If you are raising the roof or tearing out the ceiling, this needs to be completed.

Removing the walls and replacing insulation could also get done before your Skoolie floor plan. Now, if you are putting insulation on top of the existing walls, you can do this after you design your floor plan.

The First Step

Think about these questions…

Where are you going to place the bathroom? What side of the bus do you want to put the kitchen? I always like the kitchen to be on the side with the door. This way when I am washing dishes, I can see what is going on in our campsite. Do you want a table in your school bus conversion? If so, what side of the bus do you want to put it? Is the table going to convert into a bed?

Which way do you want your bed to face? Do you want a cabinet on each side of the bed or are you going to save space and crawl over your partner to get out of bed? Do you want a desk area? How many bunks are needed in your bus?

Step Two

Imagine Yourself Living/Traveling in Your Bus

Think about what you want in the back of the bus and move forward. Are there certain pieces of furniture that you have to move into your bus? Do you have a hobby that requires you to have designated storage or a dedicated area? If a family member has a special need, how are you going to accommodate for their need?

The point of envisioning yourself in your bus is to think about how you would live, play, and work in your bus. Be honest with yourself! What are the things you can’t live without. Be creative! This is going to be your HOME or HOME away from HOME, so make sure you are really comfortable with your design.

skoolie floor plan

The Third Step

Decide on What Tool You are Going to Use to Design Your Skoolie Floor Plan

I have not personally tried any design programs. My personal favorite is graph paper and pencil. I make each square represent 12 inches. Then, I draw a rectangle on the paper with the correct dimensions of my bus.

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Your Fourth Step

Design Your Skoolie Floor Plan

After drawing my rectangle according to scale, I place the wheel wells in the bus.

Then, I place the bathroom. Jeff has been known to take a bucket and sit on it then measure exactly how much space he will need in the bathroom. He reminds me over and over, “You will not want to hit your knees on a cabinet when sitting down or your butt on it when pulling up your pants.”

Next, I start at the back of the bus and add all areas.

Often, when I am finished with the first floor plan/blueprint, I have to make another one.  Maybe the couch would fit better on the other side of the bus. I might move the table or the closets.

Sometimes, it takes me 3 or 4 designs before I am completely satisfied with the floor plan.

layout for school bus conversion

The Last Step

Layout your Floor plan on the Bus Floor

Here’s the fun part! Get some blue painters tape and mark off the floor plan on the bus floor.

Tip: When placing items in your bus, keep in mind weight distribution.

Wow, what do you think? Do you need to adjust your floor plan?

Do you want to show-off your school bus conversion floor plan? Include a link to your floor plan in the comments below. Tell me what tool you chose to design your floor plan.


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  1. Kendra February 13, 2017 at 12:45 am - Reply

    Where did you get the flooring in the picture? Is it vinyl or laminate?

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