Somewhere around the first of May, Jeff said that he thought it would be neat if we owned a RV where we could “camp” once the new four children were adopted.

Backing up for a moment…. When Andrew was adopted we took a week long trip to the beach with some friends. We thought that we would do this again but then we priced the hotels, condominiums, and houses to rent for a week. For a family our size to stay at the beach for a week it was going to cost over $1500.00 JUST FOR A PLACE TO STAY. Of course, this was NOT an option. I just began praying that God would show us what to do as an adoption celebration event. Now… Back to Jeff and his thoughts.

We priced renting RVs and the going rate was $800.00 for the week plus 20 cents a mile. We looked a the prices of RVs just to see what they cost. Well, we were back at the praying stage.

Jeff said, “Why don’t we get a school bus and turn it into an RV. I have seen people do this when I go to the race.” ┬áLike Sarah in the Bible, I laughed.

Well 3 days later, our friend that lives next door said, “Our church/school had an auction yesterday and tried to auction off their bus.” I was shocked. I asked her if someone bought it and she replied,”NO.” I called Jeff over to where we were talking and we told her about our prayer. We all stood amazed at how God was working.

Jeff got a contact number for the man who was in charge of the bus. After looking at it, making sure that we could park it in our yard, checking with the city on regulations, and moving our fence for the 4th time this year, he brought the bus home.







All of us watch excitedly as Daddy maneuvered the bus down the drive.







There were moments that I didn’t think Jeff was going to get this 35 foot bus down our driveway without taking out the mailbox or telephone pole!!







However within a few minutes, the bus was sitting right where God had planned for it to be.










Now, we have a new family project. Turning the bus into an RV.







We want to get you on the road!

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