Our neighbors for tonight are Gary and Sharon McMullen. They own a quaint well keep RV Park named Silver Wind RV Park and Cabins in Silverton, Texas.

Jeff first met Mr. Gary last week when Jeff showed up at his RV Park with 4 loads of laundry. Silver Wind was not full at the time and Mr. Gary graciously let Jeff wash/dry our clothes. Oh, Mr. Gary we were very thankful.  The laundry room has 5 washers, 6 dryers, a laundry sink, laundry folding area and private bathroom. Jeff returned to the bus raving about how clean the laundry and the entire park was kept.

This is what prompted us to stay a night with The McMullen’s and check out their park firsthand.  Upon arriving today, we met both Mr. Gary and his lovely wife Sharon.  They came over and introduced themselves and gave us some advice about the area.  They have grandchildren, so they welcome children and are not bothered by their questions or loud playing. They said that the children could ride bikes or play ball in the grass. Mrs. Sharon said, “act like you are at home.” Wow, we don’t hear that often!

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After the children played in the grassy area, rode bikes and burned off lots of energy it was time for dinner and baths.  Silver Wind has one women’s shower and one men’s shower.  They are not handicap accessible but considering that you have full hookups a person with a disability could take a shower in their RV.  I had no problem giving Katie (our special needs daughter) a shower.  The shower area has a toilet and sink. Each shower room has it’s own code to get in and a slide lock on the inside of the door. The shower area looked just like one in a private home. It was shiny and clean with lots of light, a fan and even a small heater if needed. Mrs. Sharon, I think we might owe you a little more because I took way too long in the shower! I know that I used more water than the normal person.  Oh, the luxury of taking a shower without someone interrupting me. (They didn’t have the code!)

This is the bathhouse. Ms. Rosa does an impeccable job keeping them clean.
Now everyone is in bed, I am working on the computer via the Parks WIFI service and enjoying a quiet evening watching the sunset and the stars appear.
Sun setting over the Texas plains.

Now to the specifics about this park, Silver Wind has 30 amp and 50 amp sites. The nightly rates are $18.00 for 30amp and $20.00 for 50amp.  They do offer weekly and monthly rates with discounts. All the sites are pull thrus with full hookups. It looks like this park is new and it is listed in the 2010 RV Travel and Camping Guide of Texas. You can also check out their website at Silver Wind RV Park and Cabin . This RV park is not fenced in, however, we felt very safe here.  We did see the Sheriff patrol the park several times this evening.
If you are not into RVing, they have several cabins at different prices based on the number of occupants.  Jeff had an opportunity to tour the beautifully decorated cabins and was impressed.
RV Park near Caprock Canyons State Park
Picture of the cabins
Silver Wind is located near Lake Mackenzie (12 miles away) and Caprock Canyon State Park (23 miles away).
One note that I would like to add – If we had found this park before arriving at Caprock Canyon State Park, we would have stayed at Silver Wind and visited the state park during the day. Silver Wind is only $3.00 more per night and has laundry on site with WIFI at your RV. (Here is our blog post about Caprock Canyon State Park  if you are interested in our stay at that state park.)
We are very blessed to have met The McMullen’s and enjoyed the night stay at Silver Wind RV Park and Cabins near Caprock Canyon State Park. It was just like spending time with neighbors from home.  We would definitely visit here again.

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  1. mmartin April 13, 2010 at 12:53 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the heads up! We may visit there later this year.

  2. American Daze April 14, 2010 at 2:38 am - Reply

    Melissa, Thanks for sharing this! It is so good to come across a nice place that is well kept and people who care about YOU. Sounds like a really nice place to stay. Sounds like you enjoyed the hot water too!…lol

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