Hiking the Upper Canyon Trail in Caprock Canyon State Park

After meeting a few people and spending time talking to them, we headed off for our hike on the Upper Canyon Trail.
We walked about 1/2 mile in this river wash and we were able to examine the canyon walls up close.
We saw evidence of the water eroding away the base of the canyon wall.  This canyon towered above us about 1000 feet. As we stood under its base, we realized that the canyon wall was fragile. When we touched the red sandstone it just crumbled in our fingers.
Sierra told everyone to be quiet in fear that we would cause a rock-a-lanche. Her word for an avalanche of falling rock landing on top of us.
I was able to get this one photo before Jeff made the children get back on the trail.
When we returned to the van, we met Mary Jane, Edwin, and their family. We enjoyed spending time talking with them as they ate their lunch and we enjoyed our snack. They were just on a short road trip and stopped by Caprock Canyon for the day. They gave us some information about New Mexico and were very interested in what we had to say about our reason for traveling the US. When we were all finished, we said our goodbyes.
We enjoyed our hike but we enjoyed talking to our new found friends even more.


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