We have now begun our journey. Right now, we are in South Caroline. For now, we are just visiting family and friends because Dad still has some work to do on the bus. He still is working on getting the water in the bathroom and kitchen. Mom is working on getting the curtains between the bunks and the living area and she is trying to figure out where to put all of our stuff. We have a lot of stuff!! Mom came down to SC last week and Dad, Andrew, Jacob and I came up a few days ago. Last night everyone accept Hannah, Mom and I, slept on the bus. The first part of the night went well but around 12:00 Dad put the boys in the floor of the bus because he was afraid they would fall off thier beds since they had top bunks. Today Mom and Dad are planning to let everyone sleep in my grandmother’s house so they can work on the bus after the sun goes down a little. Dad is going to put up rails on the top bunks so it will make them a little safer. They also are trying to find a place to put a light because the big light we have in the living room keeps the kids up at night but you can not see anything when it is not on. So far everything is going good on the bus and it is coming together very quickly and is almost done. It is going to be so cool to visited different places around the U.S and to see what God does in our life!!! Keeping you all up to date!!
Lots of Love


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