Why Do I Get Surprised When God Provides
Have you ever had a desire for something and then out of no where what you were waiting for just came available? Has God ever called you to step out on faith and then provided everything you needed to accomplish His plan?  This has happened in our life on more than one occasion. This is exactly why we adopted children. We had the desire for another child, and another, AND ANOTHER. To our surprise God fulfilled the last “AND ANOTHER” with 4 children at one time. We were overwhelmed? Yes!! However, just like He had provided when our first adopted child arrived unexpectedly, He provided when the last four arrived. Over the years we have witnessed His provisions many times when we have stepped out on faith.
So WHY was I surprised today when Jeff came home with a truck AND trailer full of items for our bus ? He met a man who was willing for us to have these items at a very low cost and all Jeff had to do was take them out of an old motor home.
Why am I still surprised when God provides, even when I have witnessed His provisions before?
After thinking about why I was surprised, I have figured out that I am surprised because…
#1. I still lack FAITH.
 I lack the faith that moves mountains. I lack the faith that does not waiver in the mists of the waiting on God to provide. My thoughts go to ‘Am I sure this is what we should be doing?’ or ‘How are we going to get all of this done?’  Are you like this? or Is this just me?
#2. I loose my focus.
 When I take my eyes off the God who created the mountains and look at our situation, my focus is on what is in front of me not on WHO can provide. Then I get wrapped up in all that is going on around me and loose my focus. Do you do this? or Is this just me?
#3. I don’t wait with excitement.
I get impatient just like a child waiting for the straight-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies to cool. What I should do is think about how good the cookies are going to taste WHEN they don’t burn my tongue. When I am waiting, I should look forward to how God is going to provide and work out our circumstances; so that, He is glorified. I should get excited not impatient. Do you get excited while you are waiting?
Almost 10 years ago, I had faith that could move mountains. I prayed believing that God was going to give us more children. My focus stayed on Him and I looked forward to holding my soon-to-be children with excitement.  Today, I have decided to renew that same faith.
 While we wait to see what God has in store for us and our bus, I am going to pray believing that He will work out all the details. I am going to keep my focus on Him and look forward to the future in our bus with excitement. Everyday I am going to thank God in advance for all His provisions.
This is a list of what God provided in the truck and trailer.
*one AC rooftop unit
*one RV propane oven with stove top
*one refrigerator
*a fresh water tank
*a black tank
*the hardware for a 14 foot long awning
*rooftop scoop with vent
*power cord
*RV door
*3 doors for under compartment storage
AND the man told Jeff to come back next week and pay him the $200.00 because Jeff wasn’t sure if there was anything else he needed. The AC unit by itself would have cost us $200.
 Thank You God for all you have provided and will provide during the next several months!
If you are interested in how God is putting together a bus that will be converted into a skoolie,(The name for a school bus that has been converted into a RV.) subscribe to our blog or just keep checking back.

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